Sunday, 11 November 2012

Color Club Back To Boho - Part 1

Hi Everyone!

Whilst this is a collection from 2011, I have only acquired it recently! And I am so glad that I did, as it is a great collection for Autumnal nails! Its full of rich, jewel tones and a couple of surprising flecked polishes full of shimmer!

I got the second part of this collection, courtesy of Beth who spotted it in her local TK Maxx (a polish haven, yes?) and quite rightly, she knew I'd love it!! I'm going to share the first three with you today! All polishes are shown without top coat, as I wanted to show the polishes as they dry naturally! So here we go!

Color Club Boho Mojo



OK, so truth be told, this is my least favourite in the collection. Its a bit frosty and streaky for me, however it has a beautiful consistency and feels lovely to apply. This was a 2-3 coater; I could have gotten away with just 2, but I was trying to get rid of the streaks. It has that molten metal sort of finish to it, which is kinda nice, but no matter what I did, those streaks just annoyed me. Especially under the flash. Its all I can see in these pictures, I don't even notice the colour. In the natural light pictures, it does look a lot softer, but I can't spend my days avoiding bright lights just because of my nail colour.

Color Club Nouveau Vintage



In a nice contrast to Boho Mojo, this is one of my favourites in this collection. Its a bit gorgeous, and the SHIMMER! Oh, it reminds me of the mixture of Autumn leaves, all the beautiful bronzes, golds and browns. In the bottle, it looks a bit grungey, but when its on, its really lovely! This is showing 2 coats - the polish applied really nicely and dried quite quickly too! Gorgeous formula and a beautiful finish!

Color Club Voodoo You Do



Again, a slightly frosty polish, but a rather unusual one for me. This had a rather thick formula, which applied OK - not as nicely as the other two though. This was just two coats, and the polish dried to an almost rubbery finish! Its a dark, woody green with lots of shimmer in it - personally, I think the colour is beautiful, and gorgeous for this time of year, but I don't think it suits me. It does look rather elegant on long nails though - if you're a fan of greens, this is a must! Maybe I'll bring it out for some Christmas manicures!

So there we have the first three polishes - keep your eyes open for the next part!

Do you have any must-have Autumn polishes? Any Winter-y recommendations?!

See you soon,

Love Charlotte x

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