Friday, 24 May 2013

Max Factor - Meteorite

Hi everyone!

I'm still finding myself trawling through old photos - rather than taking new ones - so I thought I would share one of the many unblogged! I picked this up about a year ago. Yes, I know that's a looong time. I have no excuses. Except - it's a blue polish. And we all know that me and blue aren't exactly the best of buddies. But the eternal magpie in me needed it. It's shimmery. And, truth be told, it was 3 for 2 on Max Factor at the time. I needed a spare Fantasy Fire, and this was one of the others to make the shopping basket.

(I say needed, I may mean something different...)

Anyway, get ready for a shock people. I like this blue. It's beautiful. It's lovely. And it's blue!

With the flash, you can really see the holographic shimmer - multi-coloured mini glitters turn this from a basic blue foil into something much better! 

In natural light, it may not have the same dazzling effect, but it's still pretty lovely. It has a lovely smooth finish, and was easy to apply. Dry time was pretty quick too. I can't remember how many coats I used, but I don't think it was more than two.

My only gripe with these polishes is that the bottle is so tiny I find the lid a bit fiddly. I'd love to see these in a larger bottle, with a better brush. Other than that, I've been really impressed so far!

Do you have any favourite Max Factor polishes? Is this a blue you would wear too? Let me know,

Love Charlotte x

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  1. Pretty! I've had a gel similar to this colour, although it didn't have the holo shimmer - it was more silvery.

    Feels a bit autumnal though, not summery. I demand bright polishes! Neons! All of the neons!



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